Warrior of the Roman Empire Necklace


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This one of a kind necklace is dedicated to the warrior spirit of the ancient Roman Empire and features an amazing pendant handcrafted by a craftsman in Ireland (description below). The beads are handmade patina ceramic beads from Mykonos, Greece, genuine ancient Roman glass beads dating between 2nd – 4th century CE and glass beads made from ancient Roman glass (cups, vessels,etc.) that were found along the famous Silk Road that have been handcrafted into beads and date between 2nd – 4th century CE. These items almost 2,000 years ago were most likely being used for trade or commerce. The beautiful toggle clasp was handcrafted and given a beautiful blue patina.

The ancient Roman Empire lasted for a thousand years and this stylish pendant features iconic symbols of it’s mighty army. The Eagle wings are shown spread wide over it’s vast territories while the menacing thunderbolts demand respect from all who oppose the Empire. The inner design depicts a small, delicately etched Roman chariot wheel. The chariot was used for racing tournaments and also helped in the expansion of one of the largest and most influential empires in human history. The legacy of ancient Rome still resonates today in modern law, language and technology as well as popular culture in classic movies like Gladiator and Ben Hur.
The design is deeply etched into the contoured copper and is enhanced with a dark patina.

Approximately 28 inches (71.12 cm) long.

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