Thursar Vegvisir Cow Skull


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This massive ethically sourced Cow skull I carefully engraved onto it a Stave I created which I call the Þursian Vegvísir (more on that below) and an Icelandic Runic inscription that says,”Megi risarnir leiðbeina og vernda þennan stað” which means may the giants guide and protect this place. Decorated on the skull are pieces of Amethyst and the entire skull is sealed in polyurethane.

The skull is approximately 18 inches (45.7 cm) long.

Þursian Vegvísir is to protect and guide you along your journey on land and sea. It is also to protect you during storms and dark times in life. It will assist in guiding you through the ancient power and knowledge of the Þursar (Norse Giants).

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