Theban Rune King Solomon Snakewood Pendants


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These pendants are made from Snakewood and burned onto them is the Theban Rune called King Solomon. Each has been treated with an organic beeswax citrus oil mixture and comes with an adjustable leather cord.

King Solomon-Intellect, Pride, Divine Wisdom, Abundance
There is a gain of some kind coming your way, an advancement, some gift of some kind coming your way, either large or small. You’re also cautioned this gain may strongly tempt you to misuse it, so exercise personal restraint. King Solomon was renowned for his intellect and great wisdom, but he was also very proud, and pride brings along its own set of shortcomings. Do you harbor any thoughts of self-righteousness or self-importance in some regard? Remain conscious of your good fortune and do not look down on those less-favored. Consider the example of King Solomon’s own life as an example of what happened as the result of both his wisdom and his avarice. This symbol may be exhorting you to exercise good judgement, for you may be feeling a deliberate reluctance to choose a wise path in life. When drawing this symbol, keep in mind it may be cautioning you not to be too wise, nor too prominent, for pride goeth before the fall.

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