Theban Rune Joan of Arc Snakewood Pendants


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These pendants are made from Snakewood and burned onto them is the Theban Rune called Joan of Arc. Each has been treated with an organic beeswax citrus oil mixture and comes with an adjustable leather cord.

Joan of Arc-The Journey Ahead, Change, a New Development
Innocence and compassion, as well as tenacity, personal drive, and the courage to live outside people’s expectations of how one should live. The destination may not be clear at this point, but the journey you’re on has a purpose, and you need to be patient with the process and trust that you will arrive at where you should be. This letter may reflect a need for constant movement and constant change. You may have to submit to the natural pull of where current events in your life are taking you. A relationship or life situation may be ending and your own passions, the passions of others, or the natural course of events are pulling you in a different direction and influencing your journey. Be like driftwood in the current, and trust the waters are taking you to the right place. There is a lesson for you in this journey.

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