Theban Rune Giordano Bruno Snakewood Pendants


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These pendants are made from Snakewood and burned onto them is the Theban Rune called Giordano Bruno. Each has been treated with an organic beeswax citrus oil mixture and comes with an adjustable leather cord.

Giordano Bruno-Wealth, a Tribute, a Spiritual Path, the Unseen
Giordano Bruno was a Dominican priest whose work in the area of the mind, science and magick was so forward-thinking, the Church eventually burnt him at the stake as a heretic, mainly because he wouldn’t shut up about what he saw as the truth. The truth is becoming clear to you now, and the things you once saw as true and good are looking different when seen from your new perspective. This can refer to your faith, your philosophy or your outlook on life, but this new way of thinking will lead you to take the road less travelled and you will see new and amazing things along the way. Stay true to this path, in spite of any disapproval, suspicion and competition from bystanders. You will reach the goal you were always meant to reach, so long as you remain directed by your own truth.

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