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This handbag I made in dedication to Slavic Paganism. It is made using fine Italian Goat leather and high quality cow leather, both double layered for extra durability. The special feature of this handbag is the decorative piece I created which is attached to the front. It consists of a Beech Marten skull from the Ukraine which painted onto it is the Kolovrat, the Slavic Pagan sun wheel. The skull and other bones were naturally sourced by a Witch in the Ukraine. also on the decorative piece are Baltic amber, Tiger’s eye and antique Venetian beads. Burned onto the front is the Slavic Hands of Gods symbol (description below). The handbag features three smaller pockets; two on the inside and one on the closure flap which I designed to fit well a knife. The entire exterior has been treated with Laston Guard water repellent and stain guard.

HANDS OF GODS – This symbol represents the Hands of God that reach out to everything and everyone,  including our whole world, our galaxy and all universes. It contains  all elements of life: Svarog – the heavenly smith, the creator of mankind (bottom right field), Mother Earth (bottom left field), the Sun and its life-giving force (upper left field) and Perun, the patron of mankind (upper right field).”


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