The necklace of the Norse God Freyr


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This necklace is dedicated to the Norse God Freyr. The pendant is made from a Wild Boar’s tusk from Poland to symbolize Freyr’s golden boar Gullinbursti. Engraved, painted and sealed onto it is the Freyr Stave. The paint is mixed with genuine Viking Age burial mound dirt from Norway that was collected by a Völva. The tusk is wrapped in vintage bronze colored copper wire and above the tusk is an authentic Viking Age gold plated Gilt bead (9th – 11th century CE) with a Certificate of Authenticity included. The beads I used for the necklace are large vintage Baltic cognac amber beads from Latvia and Baltic amber beads from Lithuania. The animal bones I got from a Witch in the Ukraine. The patina copper toggle clasp was made in Mykonos, Greece. The necklace is 27 inches (68.6 cm) long.

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