The Morrigan Ogham Divination Set


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This Ogham divination  set is dedicated to the Celtic Goddess the Morrigan. The Ogham is made from ethically sourced Blackthorn wood I got from a Slavic Witch. Blackthorn is associated with the Goddess. Each has been treated with an organic beeswax citrus oil mixture. The pendant is made from Irish oak bog wood (further details below) and burned onto it is the Ogham Ash-Nuin-pronounced ‘nee-un’ or ‘nyin’. This Ogham few represents change, growth, transformation, fate, destiny, options, possibilities, potential, the larger reality. The advice here could be to ‘Put your inner guidance into action. Walk your talk.’ It is wrapped in hematite colored copper wire and includes an adjustable leather cord.

The handmade leather pouch features destressed Goat leather and burned onto it is a Sigil for the Morrigan plus her name in Ogham. It closes using Irish oak bog wood and attached is a beach hag stone from Florida.

This Bog Oak is of the highest quality. The Bog Oak that I work with was unearthed in County Roscommon, Ireland which is an area not far from Rathcroghan, the ancient seat of Queen medb in Connaught.  

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