The Morrigan Ogham Divination Set


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This Ogham divination set is dedicated to the Celtic Goddess the Morrigan. The Ogham set is made from a very special Irish yew bog wood (description below). The handmade leather pouch has burned on it a sigil for the Morrigan and attached is another piece of the same Irish yew bog wood. The Irish yew bog wood pendant has burned onto it the Rowan-Luis-pronounced ‘lweesh’ or ‘loo-sh’. This Ogham represents protection against dangers of every kind—spiritual, magical or physical. It represents defense, sanctuary, and taking precautions. It also represents control of the senses. Included also is a naturally sourced Raven feather from Ukraine.

This Bog Yew is of the highest quality and it has been well seasoned. The Bog Yew that I work with was unearthed in County Roscommon Ireland, an area not far from Rathcroghan the Ancient seat of Queen Medb in Connaught.

The pieces of yew bog wood dates from between 3000 to 8000 years old.


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