The Ironwoods of Jötunheim Wall Decor


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This wall decor is dedicated to Járnviðr (Ironwoods) of the realm of Jötunheim. Burned onto the Red Oak is a Stave I created which I call Járnskógr Hlið Stafur (Ironwoods Gateway Stave). It is for connecting to the energy and Beings of that realm such as the Þursur, Nine Clans and the powerful Goddess Witch Gullveig. Attached is a naturally sourced Elk pelvis bone from Oregon. Decorated on it are agates, graveyard point plume agates and a rare snakeskin agate from Oregon.

Approximately 17 inches (43.2 cm) by 10.5 inches (26.7 cm).

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Weight 6.5 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 13 in


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