Rare Shark Tooth Fossil Necklace


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This necklace features a very rare Shark tooth fossil. It is an Otodus obliquus shark tooth found at Fairview Beach, Virginia in King George County on the Potomac River and was part of an old collection I acquired. It is wrapped in antique bronze colored copper wire. The tooth is flanked by two green moss agate beads. The tiny beads are antique glass opalescent Venetian beads.

The necklace is 20 3/4 inches (52.7 cm) long.

Otodus is an extinct genus of mackerel shark which lived during the Paleocene and Eocene epochs, approximately 60 to 45 million years ago. The name Otodus comes from Greek ὠτ (oûs “ear”) and ὀδούς, “odous (tooth)”, or “ear-shaped tooth”.

Source: https://www.prehistoricoregon.com/learn/what-is-a-fossil/otodus-shark/

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