Pacific Northwest Special Edition Ritual Set


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This entire set I am calling the Pacific Northwest Special Edition Norse Ritual set. A dedication to my homeland and spirituality wrapped up in this creation of mine.

Here is what is included:

Elder Futhark Runes made from 24 million year old Conifer petrified wood from Oregon. each Rune has been carefully engraved, painted and sealed. The paint was mixed with authentic Viking Age burial mound dirt from Norway ethically sourced by a Volva. This petrified wood makes a great harmonic sound when they are knocked together.

The pendant is made from a fine piece of Geode crystal from Oregon which I wrapped in vintage bronze colored copper wire. It comes with an adjustable leather cord.

The handbag/Rune pouch/Foraging satchel is made from a very fine Beaver fur pelt from Oregon and Goat leather. It closes using a piece of Pacific ocean driftwood also from Oregon. Burned onto it are the Vatnavættr (water spirit) Bindrune and the Landvættr (land spirit) Bindrune. Burned onto the leather on the front top is a Stave for protection. All exposed leather inside and out I treated with Laston Guard which is a premium stain guard and water repellent.

The Blót ritual talisman I made using the remaining Beaver fur pelt. Painted and sealed on it is the Blót Stave by Ljóssál Lóðursson. It is for the use of having all spirits and deities welcome and accept your offerings. Attached to it are animal bones and a piece of red and black obsidian and Pacific ocean driftwood from Oregon. I also treated the exposed leather with the same Laston Guard.

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