Óðinn Rune Spell Stone talisman


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This stone which was collected on a beach in Northern California has engraved, painted and sealed onto it a Rúnseiða (Rune spell) for the Norse God Óðinn (Odin).

Rúnseiða for Óðinn description: Represents the raven-god Óðinn. Ansuz symbolizes Óðinn’s eternal wisdom and knowledge of all things and stands for his wealth of knowledge garnered from his exploration of the inhospitable and dark places of the cosmos. Odal is Óðinn’s rune and symbolizes his dual nature as both wise teacher and wrathful berserk. Þurs symbolizes
his þursian blood and stands for his darker aspect. Lastly, the bindrune’s axial point is Nauðiz, the forge on which the spirit is crucified and tempered to represent his ascent into godhood through his self hanging.

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