Norse Goddess Hel Satchel


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This handcrafted satchel is dedicated to the Norse Goddess Hel. The black and red leather is high quality Italian Goat leather which has been reinforced with an inner layer of cow leather. Burned onto the closure flap is a Stave I created which I call Svartar Rúnir af Hel (the Black Runes of Hel) Stave. Attached to the closure flap are three pieces of raw Shungite stones. On the front of the satchel is a small pocket that has attached to it a piece of black onyx. The long piece of Irish oak bog wood is used to fasten the satchel closed. There are two pockets inside the main compartment as well. Also included is a Bloodwood talisman which I burned onto it the Myrk-Bindrunes for Hel and Helheimr (descriptions below). All the exterior leather has been treated with Laston Guard stain protector and water repellent.

Approximate dimensions are 11 inches (27.9 cm) by 9 inches (22.9 cm) by 3.5 inches (8.9 cm).

Represents the death giantess, Hel. Hagalaz is Hel’s rune, as she is the ruler of Helheimr. Hagalaz is pure strife, as well as the cold hail raining on bare skin. Þurs symbolizes her hrímþurs blood, Iss her connection to Gullveig as her daughter and her Nifl-essence, and a myrkstave Algiz as her place within the death trinity.

Represents the realm of Helheimr. Hagalaz symbolizes it’s ruler Hel. The polarity of the Algiz runes symbolizes life and death as Helheimr’s position within Norse tradition as the afterlife. She is the crossroads.

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