Njörðr Sea God Wall Altar


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This wall altar is dedicated to Njörðr, the Norse God of ships, sailing, fishing and fortune at sea. Burned onto the altar is a Stave I created for doing Blóts (rituals) to Njörðr. The Icelandic Runic inscription says,”Megi Njörður gefa okkur góðan vind og öryggi á sjó” which translates to May Njörðr give us a good wind and safety at sea. The little offering drinking horn has engraved and painted onto it an Icelandic Rune Kenning called Skipa-byr (Favorable Wind of Ships) and the exterior of the horn is sealed in a food safe sealer. The little shelf is big enough for some offerings, candle, etc. The ethically sourced Shark jaw bone is from a real Spottail Reef Shark from Florida. The altar is decorated with sea glass and sand dollars from Cape Cod, Ocean Picture stone from British Columbia, Canada and sea shells from Florida.

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Dimensions 32 × 13 × 9 in


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