Necklace of the Goddesses of the Sea, Viking Bead


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This one of a kind necklace I have dedicated to all the Goddesses of the Seas. It features several very special items. The pendant is a ultra high quality extinct Carcharodon hastalis shark tooth fossil (more information below). It has stunning feathered orange and blue enamel coloration and was found in California. It dates to the Miocene epoch (23.03 to 5.333 million years ago). It is wrapped in antique bronze colored copper wire. Attached to it is an amazing authentic Viking Age double glass bead, specifically a translucent mandrel wound glass bead circa 950-1050 CE and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The two beads on either side of the shark tooth fossil are antique Dutch glass trading beads which were used in Africa for several centuries beginning in the 1600s. The remaining beads are sea shell, Aquamarine free-forms and antique coral beads from Canada. The clasp is an amazingly detailed patina copper fish toggle made in Mykonos, Greece.

Teeth of the extinct shark Carcharodon hastalis have been found in most Miocene and Pliocene marine deposits in Florida that produce shark teeth. It is also found in similar age deposits around the world.Long regarded as a member of the mako shark lineage, it is now thought by many paleontologists to be ancestral to the living great white shark.

Age Range

  • Early Miocene through early late Pliocene Epoch
  • About 20 to 3 million years ago



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