Maori Manaia Spiritual Sea Glass Bowl


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This bowl which was handmade by me is made from high quality Cedar of Lebanon which is native to Lebanon, the coastal region of Syria and Turkey. It symbolizes strength. Burned onto the center of the bowl is the Maori symbol called Manaia which means The Guardian. For the Maori people, the manaia is a spiritual guardian with supernatural powers. According to them, this mythical being is the messenger between the mortal or earthly realm and the spirit world. They also believe that the manaia can protect them against evil. Lastly, the Maori also believe that the manaia is like a bird that watches and guides a person’s spirit to where it is destined to go. Around the outside are the Polynesian Ocean waves and Shark tooth patterns. The very rare Teal Cubed surf tumbled sea glass is from Puerto Rico. The entire bowl has been treated with three layers of polyurethane. Approximately 7.75 inches (19.7 cm) in diameter.

Shark teeth or niho mano deserve a space of their own. Sharks are one of the favourite forms that aumakua choose to appear to man. They represent protection, guidance and strength as well as fierocity however, they are also symbols of adaptability in many cultures.

The ocean is a second home to Polynesian people and the place of rest when they leave for their last voyage. Coincidentally, turtles are said to join the departed guiding them to their destinations. So sometimes, the ocean can be used to represent death and the beyond. Since the ocean is the primary source of food, it is no wonder it impacts so much tradition and myth. All the creatures living in the ocean are associated with several meanings, usually mutated from their characteristic traits and habits.

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