Irish Oak Bog Wood Ogham Talisman


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This talisman is made from a very special Oak bog wood from Ireland (description below). Burned onto it in Ogham is the Gaelic word Draíocht which means magic.

This Bog Oak is of the highest quality, it has been well seasoned and cut to the appropriate sizes. Black in color and only the most dense wood has been selected. The Bog Oak that I work with was unearthed in County Roscommon, Ireland, an area not far from Rathcroghan the Ancient seat of Queen Medb in Connaught. Bog Oak Wood is a rare and fascinating material, preserved in the unique conditions of the peat bogs for thousands of years. Trees that fell into the bogs and lakes of Ireland enjoyed protection from decay due to the anaerobic condition of this environment, and over the centuries went through a chemical process staining the wood to the Black color of today.

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