Hawaiian Koa Elder Futhark Runes


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This set of Elder Futhark Runes are made from Hawaiian Koa wood and each has been treated with an organic citrus oil mixture. The handmade leather pouch has burned onto it a Stave of protection and attached is a natural beach hag stone from Florida and surf tumbled sea glass from Hawaii.

Koa wood is special because of three primary reasons, its beauty, rarity, and symbolic meaning. The beauty of Koa is rooted in its unique grain patterns and a variety of colors. It only grows in Hawaii and has played a significant role in ancient Hawaiian history. Koa wood reflects strength and courage, the word Koa means warrior. In ancient. Hawaii, it was the go-to wood used in the making of many ancient warrior tools. In part because Koa is a hardwood. It was used to construct canoes, swords, and hand weapons of all kinds.

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