Hawaiian Kahanu Koa Wood Pendants


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These pendants are made from Hawaiian Koa wood. Koa wood is special because of three primary reasons; its beauty, rarity, and symbolic meaning. Burned onto each is the Kahanu which means: “The wave of light that makes you gasp.” This symbol brings down the light in a wave by connecting the Kahuna to the source of all light, as a brilliant sun just above the top of the symbol. It is used to fill the body with light, opening up the circuitry. The symbol is generally used at the third eye or above. In meditation on this symbol, imagine the source of all light as a brilliant sun just above the top of the symbol. Now, bring the sun into your body along with the symbol. In this way, it is possible to fill the body with light.

Attached to each is a piece of Hawaiian surf tumbled sea glass and the pendant is wrapped in bronze colored copper wire. Treated with polyurethane and comes with an adjustable leather cord.

Koa Wood is a Symbol of Strength

Koa wood reflects strength and courage, the word Koa means warrior. In ancient. Hawaii, it was the go-to wood used in the making of many ancient warrior tools. In part because Koa is a hardwood. It was used to construct canoes, swords, and hand weapons of all kinds

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