Greek Goddess Nyx Tribute Santorini marble


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Using high quality Santorini marble, one of the highest quality in the world from Greece, I turned into a tribute stone dedicated to the Greek Goddess Nyx. She is the goddess of the night (more about her below). On the stone is a symbol for the goddess and her name in Greek. Only the engraving was painted and sealed to preserve the texture and natural sparkle of the marble.

Nyx is the Greek Goddess of the night, and the daughter of Chaos. She was told to be very beautiful. Her birthplace was not on Earth but in Gaia. She is a Primordial Goddess. It is said that she was created near the beginning of time. Her home is in the depths of Hades’ underworld. Nyx has a shadowy figure, which makes her the perfect personification of the night. In ancient art, Nyx was drawn in three different ways. She was either winged, charioteer, or crowned with an aureole of dark mists.

Nyx is a very unique goddess. She can impact mankind in a good or bad way. Her ability to bring sleep or death unto to the human race. This is not the goddess to mess with. Zeus even feared Nyx because she was older and stronger than him. She is the only goddess he’s ever feared. That speaks volumes of her power. The moonstone is used to honor her to this day. It reflects it’s owner and should be used during the full moon.

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