Goddess Hel Myrkrunar Divination Set


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This divination set of the Myrkrúnar is made from Bloodwood and each has been treated with an organic beeswax citrus oil mixture. Included is a description of the Myrkrúnar. The handmade leather pouch is made from Goat leather and attached is a piece of Irish oak bog wood. Burned onto the front is a Myrk-bindrune for the Goddess Hel (description below).

Represents the death giantess, Hel. Hagalaz is Hel’s rune, as she is the ruler of Helheimr. Hagalaz is pure strife, as well as the cold hail raining on bare skin. Þurs symbolizes her hrímþurs blood, Iss her connection to Gullveig as her daughter and her Nifl-essence, and a myrkstave Algiz as her place within the death trinity.

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