Goddess Gullveig Kuksa Olive Wood Cup


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This Kuksa cup is made from the highest quality olive wood from Tunisia. It is dedicated to the Norse Witch Goddess Gullveig. Burned around the cup is a Stave I created which I call Gullveig Jafnvægi “balance”. It represents the chaos and order of primal energy and magick, nature, life and death and creation and destruction. All aspects that are an important part of who the Goddess is. On the the top of the handle is Gullveig in Myrkrúnar (The Dark Runes) and a Bindrune representing her (description below). Tied to the handle are two animal bones gathered by a Witch in Ukraine. The exterior is treated with a beeswax polish.

It holds approximately 3/4 cup (177.4 ml).

Represents the three-faced goddess. the Ingwaz
rune symbolizes Gullveig as the womb of darkness,
of all wolves and werewolves, and the death
trinity of Hel, Fenrisúlfr and Jørmungandr.
Nauðiz symbolizes the runes and Gullveig as the
keeper of secrets. Myrkstave Algiz symbolizes
her as the birther of the death trinity.

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