Goddess Freyja Viking Age Bead Necklace


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This very special one of a kind necklace is dedicated to the Norse Goddess Freyja. The ethically sourced Cougar claw has engraved, painted and sealed onto it the Elder Futhark Fehu Rune. The gold paint is mixed with genuine Viking Age burial mound dirt from Norway. Above the claw is a special genuine Viking age Gilt bronze bead that dates between 866 – 1067 CE. The original 24k gold plating has been fully restored and included is a certificate of authenticity. The beads I chose for this necklace are a variety of Baltic amber beads from Lithuania which are; amber, honey amber, cream amber, gold amber and black cherry amber. The other beads are Tiger shell puka from the Florida keys, Orange spiny oyster shells from the Caribbean and pink Luhuanus sea shells that were hand picked on the beaches of the Philippines. The handmade copper patina fish hook clasp is from Mykonos, Greece.

Approximately 27.5 inches (69.9 cm) long.

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Weight 0.4375 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 in


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