Goddess Ēostre Rabbit Skull Wall Decor


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This wall decor is dedicated to the Germanic Goddess Ēostre (Ostara, Ēastre) as well as bring abundance to the home. The Anglo-Frisian Runic inscription says, “Göttin Eostre, ich bitte darum, dass Fülle in dieses Haus kommt.” which is German and translates to Goddess Eostre, I ask that abundance come into this house. This piece features an amazing ethically sourced Rabbit skull and is decorated with preserved real Norwegian Reindeer moss, mossy agate, Mexican fire agate and various polished agate.

Approximately 10.5 inches(26.7 cm) by 6 inches (15.2 cm).

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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 5 in


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