Gaulish God Tarvos Dedication Wall Plaque


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This wall plaque is dedicated to the Gaul God Tarvos. Tarvos Trigaranus was a fairly obscure god of Gaul who was famously depicted as a bull on the Pillar of the Boatman dating to the first century AD. Tarvos is a God of fertility, life, death and rebirth. On the plaque is a Cow vertebrae with a piece of petrified wood attached to it. Burned  onto the wood is a Tree of Life sigil and below in a variation of Gaulish is the Lugano alphabet for Leptonic used in Cisalpine Gaul which says Ave Tarvos meaning Hail (praise) Tarvos. Adorned on the wood is Labradorite and animal bone fossils.

Further resources about the Gauls and Tarvos:


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