Fox Spirit Wall Decor


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This wall decor is dedicated to the Spirit of the Fox and features an amazing naturally sourced Red Fox skull from England. The Staves I chose are as follows; on the right side is a Stave I created which I call Refur Fylgia “Fox Spirit” and on the left is a Stave I created which I call Skógur andar “Forest of Spirits”. The Icelandic Runic inscription says, “Megi þetta heiðra anda refsins innra með mér” which means May this honor the spirit of the fox within me.The Red Fox skull rests on top of real preserved Norwegian Reindeer moss. Decorated around it is pacific coast driftwood from Washington, beach agates and pieces of geode crystals from Oregon and Baltic amber from Lithuania. All of this mounted on a beautiful piece of red oak.

Approximately 20.5 inches (52.1 cm) by 10.5 inches (26.7 cm).

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Weight 5.6875 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 12 × 10 in


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