Ethiopian Vintage Amulet Necklace


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This necklace is made for personal protection, healing and blessings. The amulet from Ethiopia is handmade from leather and is called a Kitabe amulet. They are made to be worn always for as they are meant for regarding the protection. The handmade beads are rare antique Nigerian brass beads, rare antique striped sliced Dutch trading beads and light blue African Sea glass beads. The large copper patina toggle clasp is handmade from Mykonos, Greece.

Recycled glass beads are a type of indigenously produced African bead from Ghana West Africa. These beautiful blue color recycled beads are made using an old method that has been used for centuries. The glass itself is derived from a variety of recycled sources including old beverage and medicine bottles. The procedure for making the beads consists of a number of steps whereby powdered glass is poured into molds of clay and baked in a specialized oven. These beads are produced in large part by the Krobo tribe.

Approximately 22.5 inches (57.2 cm) long.

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