Caribbean Pottery Elder Futhark Rune Set


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This large set of Elder Futhark Runes are made from pottery shards that tumbled in the Caribbean sea on the shores of Puerto Rico and were handpicked carefully for only the highest quality. Each Rune has been carefully engraved, painted and sealed. The handmade leather pouch features high quality soft blue dyed Salmon leather. Burned onto the pouch is a Stave I created I call Kraftur Vatns, “The power of water”. This Stave is for rejuvenating your energy, specifically that which water provides, be it freshwater or saltwater. Place this Stave in your shower, bathtub, pool or even draw it onto your skin prior to going swimming in the sea, lakes or rivers. It closes using a sea shell from Florida and attached for decoration is a sea shell also from Florida and a unique pottery shard from a beach of Puerto Rico.

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Dimensions 8 × 6 × 7 in


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