Baltic Viking Age Rare Penannular Necklace


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This necklace is a tribute to the Baltic region during the Viking Age. The pendant is actually a rare Viking Age bronze Penannular Omega Brooch which was found in the Baltic region and dates between 900 – 1100 CE. More details below. It is wrapped with vintage bronze colored copper wire. On the necklace I used Baltic Cognac Amber beads from Latvia and high quality black-lip sea shell Heishi beads.

Although Vikings are known to have come in their majority from the Scandinavian region, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, these are not the only places these fearless sailor warriors came from. Vikings of the Baltic Sea, some tribes with great traditions of fighting and sailing. These tribes came from the Estonian island of Saarema (Oeselians), and the shores of Latvia and Lithuania (Curonians)

Approximately 26 inches (66 cm) long.

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