Customer Reviews

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Wall Altar of the three tribes of the Norse Gods and Goddesses

Great product! Quick delivery, great communication on what we wanted and with updates. Was delivered with no issue. Will definitely order from here again.
– Valerie Williams

Vegvísir with Icelandic Runes on Basswood

“Great product. Absolutely love it! As always he is quick to respond and deliver great quality products. Very happy with this piece!”

– Valerie Williams

Mjornir made from Bloo wood with Oregon sunstone review by W1tchsbrew
Shungite stone healing pendant

“I love it I wear it constantly, it even helps me with night terrors. It is one of my favorite necklaces, it even looks kind of like a heart. It even came a day early in shipping. I absolutely love your work, everything you make is beautiful.”

– Jennifer

Pirate Heathen Socks Ulfsvaettr Craftsman Modeled by W1tchsbrew
Amethyst Pendant belonging to w1tchsbrew
Raven/Crow Spirit Animal Shirt

“Consistent with Eiríkr’s other goods, his apparel offerings are created with craft, skill, and detail. The shirt brand is high-quality and true-to-size Bella + Canvas (thank the gods), which takes the guess work out of choosing your size. The Stave design is crisp and colorful, without losing the hand-drawn aesthetic that conveys it was made with unique intent and purpose. Absolutely getting more in the future!”
–Justin Matkowski

Icelandic Sunstone Rune Dice with Handmade Leather Pouch

“Doing business with Eirikr was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Ordered from England and was given instant confirmation and delivery date. Items were received within a week of confirmed international shipment. I couldn’t have wished for a better transaction or better items as I got so much more than what I expected. Pouch was intricately hand made in which care and devotion was Eirikr’s priority and was obvious when received. I will undoubtedly buy from Eirikr again due to his attention to detail, professionalism and fantastic communication as a seller who is incredibly passionate about his craft and business. Thank you!!”

– Lyz Shaw
DSL & Mental Health First Aider

Cernunnos Wall Decor

“My favorite piece I’ve purchased from Úlfsvættr, which is saying something. The craftsmanship is impeccable, as always, but the real emphasis is the energy that radiates from it. Eiríkr’s work is as much experience & intent as it is decor, which sets him apart and ensures I’ll be making many more purchases from his shop.” 

— Justin Matkowski

“I can visibly see the level of care and meticulous craftsmanship it took to wire wrap this so beautifully. This crocodile Jasper pendant will be one of my many prized pieces from Ulfsvaettr craftsman”

~ W1tchsbrew 

Animal Fossil Bone Deer Spirit Amulet

“One of my favorite pieces on my altar is the hand made Deer Spirit bone amulet from Ulfsvaettr Craftsman! There’s powerful magic in it. It’s one of the very few pieces I keep on the altar year round, season to season. I could feel it was special from the moment I received it!
Thanks Eirikr”
– North Wind

Handmade Wood Blót Bowl

“This beautifully turned bowl came in the mail, along with a piece of driftwood and a chunk of petrified wood.
Whoever said a diamond is a girl’s best friend, needs their head examined.
Right now, I have a collection of crystals in it, along with a chainmaille choker, because my private room is undergoing some changes, but usually this bowl serves up a drink to the gods and goddesses during a blót or simple offering. Fantastically well made and decorated, this piece will take on different colours as it gets to hold different offerings. So far it’s my only turned piece from the Ulfsvaetter shop, but it won’t be the last!”

– Sarah

Salish Sea Sacred Stone Elder Futhark Runes with handmade leather pouch

“Quick and easy transaction- arrived quickly and I fell in love with them instantly.  The leather pouch is well crafted with protective bind Rüne and adorned with a piece of sea glass, a seemingly signature style of the craftsman himself.    I will definitely order from Eiríkr again in the near future.” – Marnell

Teak Wood Elder Futhark Runes with handmade leather pouch

“When I saw “this” set on the Etsy site, it said “sold”. I missed the posting! Me, a follower of the Vanir in general, and Njord in particular, missed this!?
I immediately contacted Eiríkr H. Úlfrsson, who said “no problem, I’ll make you one similar, give me a week or so.” 
Identical to the sold one, it is not. This is the beauty of artisanal craft. This one, is just mine! Even with the “original” being out there, there’s always that little difference.Super fast response to my initial email, quick execution – bearing in mind the bag is hand sewn – and shipping as soon as it was finished.
So now, I own  two  Ulfsvaettr rune sets .. 
Highly recommend this craftsman and his work!”

– Sarah

Wednesday Runes reading kit

“These items were bought separately but I use them together. What you see is a Big Bowl dedicated to the Norns and a Runes set made with Deer Antlers. And the Runes holder is a custom order. I was very pleased with the results. He took the time to think about it and sent pictures in the making.” – Sandy B-J

Olive Wood cups and Cow Horn for the Gods

“What you see is 2 Wood cups and a mini horn dedicated to Odin and the Valkyries.” – Sandy B-J

Yew Wood Protection Stave Talisman

“The man who assembled this deserves a shout-out. It’s a stave for protection. It’s been hanging on my clamp lamp since sometime this Summer. I love the detail and artwork. Also the finish. I plan on having this for many years to come.” – Odinsdaughter

Goddess Freyja Wall Decor

“This piece makes me think of a song from the 70s .. Beg, steal or borrow .. 
I was given the privileged of a sneak-peak preview of this one, before it was ready to be posted. 
I literally BEGGED for it not to be posted, because … it’s dedicated to Freya, and has a lynx skull. How long have I been looking for  anything  lynx?  Nothing, no claw or tooth. And here is a skull! And falcon feathers. And Freya, all gathered on one nicely treated and cut support.
Well, obviously I managed to persuade this fabulous piece to fly this way. At the present moment, I am looking for a solid nail/hook to put in the side of the bookshelf, overlooking my altar table. The background colour is that blue.
Love the work, love the customer service experience, the professionalism, the entire experience of dealing with this craftsman.”

– Sarah

“Seawolf has always gone above and beyond for any custom order I’ve placed with him. He puts in maximum effort and then some – as he does with all of his work. While gathering, I found a natural fox femur bone and sent it to SeaWolf to create something special for me. He sent me back this gorgeous, one of a kind necklace made with shining rare crystal beading and an extremely rare antique toggle clasp! It’s even more than I could’ve imagined and will be a prized addition to my growing collection.” ~ W1tchsbrew
Vatnavaettr (Water Spirit) Windchime

“I just love my water spirit chimes i received from Ulfsvaettr Craftsman! It is a well made piece that I have gotten endless compliments on. It came fast and was packaged well. Ulfsvaettr Craftsman was very professional to do business with and I look forward to buying more treasures from the shop.” – Lady of the Lore

Tunisian Olive Wood Cup, Vegvísir

“Eirikr was very wonderful and easy to work with from start to finish. My Tunisian olive wood cup arrived so well-packed, and even more beautiful in person. The weight of the vessel alone makes it easy to tell that it is solid, durable, and of the highest quality. I can’t get over how fantastic the line work is on the vegvísir wood burning. I give this craftsman my utmost recommendation, as I personally will be a returning customer for years to come.”


Protection Talismans

“Not only did these meet my expectations they exceeded them!  I always have a protection charm in my car. When I started following Eirikr on IG and looked at his online shop I knew he was the person I’d ask to make custom  protection staves for myself and my friend. 
 I emailed him with my request and he responded within 5 minutes or so. He asked what I was specifically looking for and assisted in helping me pick materials based on my price range. Once I made a material selection and we agreed on a price,he accepted the order and had them done the next day as promised. He sent me pictures. I was beyond happy just what I wanted and then some !  He invoiced me I paid him and by the next day I had a shipping confirmation. Eirikr was beyond professional, and does exceptional work! Anyone who says otherwise is lying. I’ve spent my entire working career in customer service. I wish my employees had his skill set. ”
– Coyote

Roe Deer Antler Algiz Pendant

“This necklace, like all true craftsmanship, has a specific energy that can’t be faked. Everything, from the antler pendant to the adjustable leather cord and meticulously-carved rune is of very high quality and great attention to detail. 
Being a nature baby, I love being able to carry a piece of the forest and wilds with me wherever I go. Will absolutely be a returning customer! “
– Justin

Iceland Magick Wall Altar

“Any words that I write would never do this altar justice. Can’t believe I finally have it. The work put into this has left me speechless. Thank you Eiríkr Haf Úlfrsson I hope your business continues to grow and you keep leaving your impression on this world. The details on this altar are incredible and I highly recommend Ulfsvættr craftsman shop to everyone.” – Kimberly

Amethyst Moon Pendant

“I ordered this on Friday, and got this 3 days later. I absolutely love this. I will definitely keep coming back for his work. Love your craftsmanship.” – Melissa

Blue Opalite Moon Pendant

“First off, I’ve been in love with Eiríkr’s work for YEARS! Ever since he started crafting, but never had the space or money to buy anything. So this beautiful piece caught my eye, and I was instantly in love! The second I put it on, the energy was AMAZING! Instantly felt, and Oh My Gods, even my boys fell in love! I’ve had my boys around my neck for years, (I call my pendants, my Hammer and Pentacle) and it was time for them to get a sister! I’m a CNA and I’ve always been worried about necklaces being in the way of providing care, the adjustable cord, will definitely make providing care no issue! Eiríkr definitely puts his heart and soul in anything he makes, it’s definitely felt and seen. This necklace is one of my favorite pieces, and I don’t wear jewelry.” – Chantal

Russian Sea Glass Runes

“I just got my Russian Sea Glass Runes. They are beautiful as is all your work. I truly feel these were meant to be mine for numerous reasons. Now I just have to learn to read them.  
Thanks So Much”
– Christi 

Kievan Rus Viking Age Necklace

“This is amazing. True craftsmanship at its best. If you want something made with passion and creativity go over to his shop. Truly thank you.” – Ubba

“I have bought multiple items from you over the past year and a half and I have very few things at my alter that hold the same energy, passion, and craftsmanship that the items I received from you have. I live in Maryland and coyotes have slowly been encroaching in the area I live in but oh so silently. Ever since I received the coyote and wolf spirit totem from you I hear them almost every night. The sun stone from you with petroglyphs hold an otherworldly energy and when lit by my candles they glow how I think the explorers would have seen them glow a thousand years ago. And the small ancestors totem I just received from you, only adds to my alter and honors those so often overlooked. Everything I’ve ever bought from you has been beautifully crafted, well loved and cared for, quickly and carefully shipped. And they always end up bringing an energy to my life and alter that I didn’t expect. You can tell these things were made with the gods and goddesses in mind. 10/10, as long as the ulfsvaettr craftsman shop is open, you’ll have me as a customer. – Magni L.

Rainbow Aura Crystal Pendant

“Ulf has so many beautiful things on his website! I always recommend people to check out this website. Especially if they are looking for hand crafted items that are unique! I purchased this beautiful piece from him recently. It just called out to me. Your awesome Ulf! Don’t ever Change.”
-Reborn (Jason)

“After the loss of the most amazing person in my life. I wanted to revamp my altar to honor him. What I needed to “ pull” everything together was an altar cloth. The first and only craftsman I asked to make it is ULFSVAETTR CRAFTSMAN. I told him I was looking for a simple elegant design that represented my friendship. I gave him full artistic freedom with the design. It was like he read my mind! It’s exactly what I was looking for! Simple, beautiful, perfect. This is my second custom purchase from ULFSVAETTR. It will not be my last. Easy to work with, great communication, beautiful work. Thank you so much, my altar is complete with this piece.” 
– Christi 

Baba Yaga Protection Box

“As soon as I saw this Baba Yaga box from Ulfsvaettr craftsman, I knew I had to have it. The detail and design has palpable energy and as always, the passion and creativity put behind the work is more than apparent. The beautiful stones and inscription added give this piece the perfect balance. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.” 

~ W1tchsbrew 

Russian Oak Bog wood pendant

“As being of Russian descent this meant alot to me. It has amazing craftsmanship but more importantly has helped me better connect with my ancestors. And that’s something that had really been missing but now thanks to best craftsman ever. I highly recommend him.”    -Ubba

Lapis Lazuli Moon Pendant

“Fell in love with this the instant I saw it and he shipped it not even 12 hours later. Sits just at heart level and my old soul cannot stop smiling. Thank you so very much dear, can tell you enjoy your craft, emanates from the careful packing and the creation itself”
– Samantha N ^-^

Deer Antler Wall Decor

“Admittedly not the best picture to show off this AMAZING custom piece I commissioned for my vacation home. The wall is huge and the ceiling is ridiculously high. This piece above the fire place is perfect! My third custom order from Ulfsvaettrcraftsman. Quick response to emails, advised on the best design, offered options on the small details which makes this piece perfection ! Thanks so much my house feels better with this hanging in it. Looking forward to working with you again.” – Christi

Custom Bookend

“I can’t say enough about the absolutely amazing custom pieces I’ve purchased from ULFSVAETTR CRAFTSMAN. I just had my kitchen remodeled and needed a bookend for my cookbooks. I didn’t even consider a mass produced one. This custom made one has a beautiful elk vertebrae accented by a river rock and amethyst crystals.It’s as unique as my kitchen.” – Christi

Carrion Crow Feet Earrings

“These crow foot earrings are absolutely stunning. From beads to talons, these are truly a one of a kind pair and the effort and energy put into them is tangible. As always, my order shipped quickly and was packaged with great care. I am and shall remain, a loyal customer. Ulfsvaettrcraftsman never disappoints.” – W1tchsbrew

Sand Dollar Pendant and Positive Stave Yew Talisman

“Everything I purchase from Sea Wolf is of the very best quality. Nothing is made cheaply nor is “cutting corners” something he tolerates in his work. His passion and creativity shine through his craftsmanship, making every piece truly one of a kind. This sand dollar pendant and positive energy stave will be added to my prized collection of Ulfsvaettr craftsman items.” ~ W1tchsbrew