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Norse Talk: My First Episode

Last week I joined as a guest for the first time on a live Tiktok known as Norse_Talk and the discussion was the Havamal stanza’s 19-22. After that we had an open Q & A with the viewers and it really went great! They have a Youtube channel which the lives are uploaded and are filled with great people I know. I definitely plan to be on more episodes in the future.

Havamal resources

The High One’s Words

The Hávamál

Hávamál – The Sayings of Hár

Norse_Talk Youtube Channel

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The Northern Feminine Podcast

Recently I appeared for the first time on a Podcast where we discussed much but the focus of the topics were the feminine side of Norse Paganism as well as the importance of the Lesser Known Goddesses of the Þursar tribe of the Norse Pantheon. It was a great show indeed and I already told the ladies who run the Podcast I am happy to be a guest again in the future. So please do have a listen to it and the other episodes they have already.

The Northern Feminine

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They have a Twitter as well.