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Loki and Logi: Here Are My Thoughts

For many years I have been fascinated with some similarities and commonalities between the ancient Norse God of Fire Logi and the Norse God, one of my,main deities, Loki who has been associated with fire as well as cunning, wit, counsel and balance; the mischief aspect is over exaggerated at times.

For years on Facebook I covered a lot about Loki in-depth on posts both controversial and scholastically.

I have been looking deeper into Loki’s family tree and while reading about his first known mistress, Glut, I of course was interested in how Logi was connected. Due to the story of how Logi married Glut after Loki left her to be with Angrboda. But there are a number of things I will not get into yet that have me a bit curious on a few things regarding both Gods. I must add that the theory of Loki and Glut having a relationship is one that has been discussed by others besides me and is only an interpretation based on the little information that exists.

I cannot help but wonder if there is a chance if one of the following is possible. Especially after discussing it for quite a while with several close friends who were helping me look into the connections between the two. It is a highly debatable subject that we found out has a lot of twists and turns down a Norse Pantheon rabbit hole.

Loki Laufeyjarson is the famous trickster of Norse Mythology, who brings its pages to life with conflict, humor, and excitement. Far from being just a villain or a prankster, Loki is a god who brings necessary change into the world, transcends boundaries, and shines light on hidden truth. In this book, you will be introduced to Loki and the many masks he wears: whether he appears as the bringer of enlightenment, the traveling companion of the gods, or the ender of worlds. This is also an accessible guide to building a devotional practice with the trickster, where you will learn new ways to honor this often misunderstood deity. Open the door to Loki’s mysteries, and prepare to laugh, be challenged, and potentially change your life.

So here are some thoughts I share with several friends and I always find it interesting what others may think. The theories I have researched are the following:

1. Logi and Loki possibly brothers? (Due to parents not likely but not ruled out)

2. Logi and Loki possibly half brothers? (From what was discussed this could be possible)

3. Possibly an “Adoption” of one or the other due to unknown circumstances. This is something that is not uncommon among the Gods.

4. A yet unknown possibility like a transformation in the telling of the Gods from very ancient times. Meaning since Loki is a shapeshifter and had lust for two women, Glut and Angrboda at the time, was Logi in actuality Loki? If that is true this would mean Loki has more children than what has been considered. Those of Glut, two daughters, Einmyria (Ashes) and Eisa (Embers).

5. Or, this is just very deep theoretical back and forth brainstorming by a group of good friends who are Pathwalkers of Norse Paganism and none of this is true? Either way it makes for fun discussion and last night was quite the intellectually fun fest.

The ancient ancient Norse Fire Spirit god Logi is associated always with the element of fire.

I must add that Logi, the Norse fire spirit god is said to be the brother of Kari, the Norse god of the Northern winds and Ægir, the Norse god of the seas.

So with that said I am just going to provide some resources I have collected through my research and let you see for yourself how you feel about such possibilities.

The Resources:

Who is Logi?

Who is Glut?

Playing With Fire: An Exploration of Loki Laufeyjarson

The Flame and the Fire

Norse Sea-Giants in more detail…

Loki: A Humble Dose of Mythos

The forces of Nature – Ægir

A Word On Loki

LOKASENNA Loki’s Wrangling

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The Ancestry Genetics Journey: An Introduction

Recently I have seen a huge increase in people’s interest in uncovering their ancestral heritage and to learn further about their ancient roots. This is a subject I am quite passionate about and have been studying as a hobby for over 20 years. By no means am I an expert but I have a great deal of knowledge and experience I have acquired that I feel is important to share with my readers.

Getting started with the process of uncovering your ancestral heritage via your DNA can be quite intimidating but it does not have to be if the right tools and tutorials are given to you. This is a complicated subject that I could spend hours explaining regarding Genealogy, Mitochondrial DNA, and even the fascinating forensic science of Isotopic mapping but for this blog post I feel it should be a How-to beginner’s guide.

So in order to give those interested a starting point in beginning this amazing journey I am providing a list of websites and articles I feel are fantastic for not just beginners but for anyone who wishes to expand upon their own search.

Please do take note of the GEDmatch links as these are essential above all to get such specific details of your ancestral heritage it may just blow your mind.

Websites to get a DNA ancestry test to begin the journey of discovery

Then be sure to go to Ancestry DNA.

23 and Me

MyHeritage DNA


Helix website

Join GEDmatch for free HERE.

What is GEDmatch?

Directly from the website About page.

“GEDmatch is a free DNA comparison and analysis website for people who have tested their autosomal DNA using a direct-to-consumer genetic testing company, such as 23andMe, or have a custom file from other sources. Testers download their DNA data file from the testing company, and then upload it to GEDmatch. GEDmatch processes the file, adds it to a genealogical database, and provides applications for matching and further analysis. Because GEDmatch aggregates files from all testing companies, your potential for matches is greater.”

GEDmatch can be a bit overwhelming for those first looking at the website so I want to provide to you easy guides to follow.

GEDmatch: Get Started

Genetic Genealogy Using GEDmatch: An Absolute Beginners Guide

Many beginning genetic genealogists want to know which GEDmatch tools to access first and in what order. This video will help with getting started using GEDmatch.

Further Resources:

Which DNA Test is Best for Me?

Ethnic DNA Testing Reveals Your Genetic Heritage

Ancestors and Heritage in Paganism

If you follow these 5 tips when getting started in genealogy research, you will have more success. These family history tips that will help you avoid the most common genealogy mistakes.