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My life has been a unique journey filled with many adventures that span across my entire life. Spiritually I have always walked my own path and with all the incredible places my career in the U.S. Coast Guard took me, I was exposed to many different cultures and native based faith and folklore. It really helped shape me into the person I am today.

About four years ago I decided to take my knowledge, views and personal practice of magick based on what I had learned from across Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and Polynesia and put that into creating with my mind and hands. Slowly things began to progress in such a way that friends and associates felt a desire to own one of my crafts from Runes to wall décor to even furniture. Which has now led to this, my own website where I not only can sell what I create but show case that which I have made in the past and even provide a Blog regarding many things from within my mind and experiences.